Every success begins with a vision that becomes a mission through courage, strength and passion. The Welde brewery owes its continuous success to the pursuit of an innate Welde vision that has become our brewing mission.



At Welde, we have the vision to always be and stay authentic and innovative. That’s why we consequently work on offering our customers high quality, up to date and innovative Welde products. We constantly promote Welde innovations in order to adjust and extend our range of products to our customers’ needs. At the same time, we attach great importance to a continuously excellent production of our classic premium beers.


With the greatest passion we pursue the mission to be one of the most authentic and innovative breweries of Baden-Wuerttemberg by combining the high quality production of our classic beers with exclusive extensions to our product range. Making the utmost effort and using the best raw materials, we are committed to making our beers, beer mix and soft drinks a pleasure for all the senses. This includes the selection of the finest ingredients, careful production and the bottling in the modern-style WeldePleasureBottle. In the future, we intend to delight our customers not only with our classic Welde products of time-honoured quality, but also by extending our organic product range and by presenting great new innovations.