Craft Beer

Popular with beer lovers all over the world: Craft beer. Handbrewed speciality beers, produced with a lot of passion and the experience of the master brewers. At Welde, we are glad to see this trend since it confirms us in what we have been doing for generations: brewing outstanding beers. Of best quality, with individual character and unique taste.

Hop Stuff Ella-Equinox

Welde Hop Stuff Ella-Equinox

Natural, dry hopped cellar beer with discrete malty honey sweetness. The essential oils of the Australian Ella hops give the beer fine tropical guava notes, which are a perfectly complemented by the lime and melon bouquet of the American Equinox hops.

Bourbon Barrel Bock

Welde Bourbon Barrel Bock

Barrel-matured bock beer with fine Bourbon head notes. Three months storage in Bourbon, rum and tequila barrels endow this cuvée beer with its distinctive, complex flavour.

Badisch Gose Medaille


Our Badisch Gose: Bright golden yellow in colour, with light yeast clouding. Captivates with the delicate fruity scent of bananas, married with subtle lemon and exciting coriander notes. With an assured light mineral sweetness on the tongue and understated bitter finish.




Even just the bronze-colored shine of this beer is enough to tempt beer-lovers to sample its full-bodied, natural taste. Welde Naturstoff is brewed using raw materials certified as organic*, and it is left unfiltered. This is how this naturally cloudy beer develops its pleasantly malty, honey flavor and its gentle aroma of hops. Welde Naturstoff contains more vitamins and minerals than filtered beers.